Full Graduate Membership


I wish to apply for membership of the Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf Victorian Branch Inc.

In applying for membership:
1. I support the purpose of the Association
a) To foster the professional growth of members at a national, state and local level,
b) To provide members with a national forum to communicate and share educational philosophies and practices relevant to the education of deaf students,
c) To promote recognition of the professional rights of members of the Association and to ensure that these rights are upheld,
d) To promote appropriate training for all teachers involved in the education of deaf students and ensure that such team hers are suitably qualified for the positions they hold,
e) To act as an informed and responsible voice on the education of deaf students,
f) To promote interaction between all professional groups, associations and agencies throughout Australia, working with deaf students,
g) To seek representation on policy making bodies which deal with matters relating to the education of deaf students.

2. I agree to support the purpose of the association and comply with the AATD constitution.


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